Posted: April 29, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

Oliver’s impeachment as mayor has occurred and according to Diaz “Star City is open for business.”


Diaz has a meeting with one of the members of The Quadrant to join the group. But instead of one of the members actually showing up, Remy Cartier sends his son Eric. Eric hears out what Diaz has to offer, which is Star City. But has Diaz do an “audition” to see if he really is as serious as he says he is. He has Diaz go in search for one of their men who have been caught by the FBI.

Diaz finds their man and goes back with proof. But instead of letting Diaz into the group like he said, he tells him to go and bail him out. With the help of Black Siren, he gets their man out. Eric comes to the place where Diaz has his man and shoots him down along with Diaz. But Diaz was prepared wearing a bulletproof vest which saved his life.

Diaz doesn’t hesitate and finds Eric to take his revenge. After beating Eric to a pulp, Diaz finds his proposal was never taken to The Quadrant and they were going to just take Star City without Diaz. He then goes to The Quadrant and sets a bomb on Eric’s chest in front of his father. This obviously gets The Quadrant’s attention. But Remy Cartier doesn’t consider Diaz a part of what The Quadrant is and starts insulting him. Diaz’s temper gets the best of him and he kills Remy in front of The Quadrant. With now a seat open, he sits himself down and gives his proposal which intrigues one of the members.

Meanwhile, Felicity and Curtis are back at it with their company. She tells Curtis she is no longer working with Oliver and he is working to get Diaz alone. She also expresses how worried she gets. Her fears for his safety increase after she hears about an explosion in The Glades and the news reporters saying there were no survivors. She goes to the house relieved to find he is there.

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