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Diggle has left and Oliver’s impeachment as mayor is hanging in the balance. What else could go wrong?


To find Diaz, Felicity has found the cameras at the precinct go blank at the same time at 10:13 and go back online fifteen minutes later. It is their only lead to where Diaz is. Oliver wants to go in by himself but Felicity talks him out of it saying it’s a suicide mission with all the cops working for Diaz as his protectors.

Later, Mayor Oliver meets with the Head of the City Council to go over the impeachment hearing that would happen later that afternoon. When they are through, Oliver shakes his hand not knowing he had just been in contact with Diaz’s drug Vertigo.

After the meeting, Quentin goes in to talk to Oliver and sees that he’s not himself. Oliver tells him about John quitting and blames himself for the team falling apart. Quentin tries to cheer him up saying how much he has changed since he met the Green Arrow. He gives him examples of that he’s a family man, a mayor, what he stands for has changed, and things will get better and to stay on course.
After a disastrous moment at home with Felicity and William, Oliver goes back to the bunker. Felicity shows up. She says she doesn’t who Oliver is anymore and he’s not the person she fell in love with. She tells him they need to be apart and leaves without Oliver able to say anything. Quentin comes to the bunker to check on Oliver. Oliver tells him what happened at home and Felicity wants a separation.

Oliver: My wife wants a separation. I lost my temper in front of my son. I scared him. It was really bad.
Quentin: Well, you know, I mean, just apologize to the kid, sleep on the couch for the night, and – A separation just seems a little extreme.
Oliver: You know Quentin, with everything that’s been happening; it feels like par for the course.
Quentin: You talking about John Diggle?
Oliver: John, Curtis, Renee, Dinah. Why haven’t you quit?
Quentin: Promise of a raise.
Oliver: Look, you said – you said I’ve changed. I – I appreciate what you said. Why does everyone keep leaving me?
Quentin: That’s the thing about change, right? You hope you’re doing the right thing by becoming a better person, but you are also becoming a different person.

Quentin then leaves Oliver alone in the bunker. But Oliver doesn’t stay alone for long. After hearing noises, he grabs a gun and walks over to the elevator. The doors open to reveal Adrian Chase. Adrian takes the first shot hitting Oliver in the arm. They then fight hand-to-hand, ending with Oliver about to break Adrian’s neck. But instead he breaks his arm. He walks away, but then sees everything back to normal. No fight had happened and his arm has not been shot. He then realizes he is hallucinating Adrian.

He tries to fight off Vertigo, but doesn’t seem to be getting better, but worse. He then starts to hallucinate the day before he leaves with his dad on the ship, which then turns into Laurel in the hospital blaming him for her death, then turning into WildDog with Canary and Mr. Terrific blaming him for everything that has happened. Then it takes him to his present home with Rosia stabbed in the stomach by Diaz who then shows up and stabs Oliver which wakes him up on the floor in the bunker. He gets up off the floor, and hallucinates himself as the vigilante who started his journey to the Green Arrow. He tells him there was never supposed to be a team and Green Arrow. There was only the mission. Realizing where he is and the time, he starts his way back to City Hall where he is an hour late for his impeachment hearing.

At the meeting, Oliver sees the only way to save himself as mayor is to give the council the evidence from Felicity about Diaz. The only problem is he knows the council will ask how he got the information. When they do ask the question he anticipated, Oliver tells them he got it from the Green Arrow. Before the council can fully ask questions of his relationship with the Green Arrow, Quentin pulls Oliver aside and tells him to get out of City Hall and get Vertigo out of his system before anything else happens.
But Vertigo takes full effect and Oliver decides to go after Diaz at the precinct alone. Felicity and William arrive home from the science fair when Felicity’s homing device for Oliver goes off. She then calls Quentin to see if he is will him. She tells him where Oliver is at and he is on a suicide mission. They agree to meet at the precinct. When Felicity arrives she finds Quentin knocked out….

But Oliver saw some truth in what his hallucination as his The Hood. He admits to Felicity he has gone away from his mission he set out to do six years ago. He then tells Felicity the only way for him to stop Diaz is if he does it alone. And without Overwatch.

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