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In Arrow News: Arrow has been renewed for its 7th season! Cast members including Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, and David Ramsey celebrated with a photo of each of them holding up 7 fingers in between takes on set posting on Mr. Amell’s Instagram account. Also in the upcoming season, Colton Haynes was announced to be a returning regular on the show. But enough talk about Season 7. We still have plenty of Season 6 to go!


The episode starts out what looks like a good note. Dinah drops in on Anatoly with the help of the Green Arrow and Spartan. Dinah arrests Anatoly while the Green Arrow and Spartan take out a couple of Anatoly’s men. But when they get back to the precinct, things start to heat up again between Dinah and Oliver.

Oliver: Thanks for letting John and I backstop tonight.

Dinah: Because you think we couldn’t have stopped Anatoly otherwise?

Oliver: Because I appreciate the trust.

Dinah: Well, try necessity. Curtis is busy watching Zoe while Renee is in the hospital nursing the wounds you gave him.

Oliver: Yeah? I told him to stand down. Matter of fact, I gave him every chance. You guys made a move on our team in the field.

Quentin:  All right. These things are in the past, alright?

After the small scuffle with Dinah, Oliver goes in to see Anatoly alone. Oliver tells him he has his eyes on the police who are working for Diaz. Anatoly laughs and tells Oliver it’s not just the cops he has to worry about. Diaz has people working for him everywhere. When Oliver leaves the interrogation room, the District Attorney has called for Anatoly’s release saying he was arrested with no probable cause and no warrant. It then comes to Oliver and Dinah’s attention that it’s not just the Captain of the police, but also the D.A. that work for Diaz.


Back at the bunker, Diggle tries to tell Oliver that he’s stretching himself thin with being the mayor, father, and the Green Arrow and tells him to focus on Town Hall while he takes care of Diaz. This is the moment Oliver comes clean with Diggle and tells him he’s not giving up wearing the hood and apologizes. Diggle accepts his apology, but there’s still disappointment in his eyes. He tells Oliver he’s going to Lyla to see if she can help (with ARGUS help) in finding some info on the Vertigo trade.

At ARGUS, Lyla senses something is bothering John and confronts him. John tells her what’s going on and admits to her he’s taking not wearing the hood harder than he thought he would. Lyla tells him he owes it to the partnership with Oliver to find out why.

The next day, Oliver calls the Captain and the District Attorney into his office. He tells them he knows they are working for Diaz and to come clean. The Captain tells him she is being blackmailed, while the District Attorney has been taken money because his son has leukemia and they can’t afford treatment. Oliver offers them protection, but they laugh saying he can’t take care of the city. So Oliver decides the fire them saying, “If you work for him, then you don’t work for me.”

Back at the bunker, Oliver thanks Diggle for the help from ARGUS. Oliver apologizes again for not telling Diggle soon about wanting to stay as the Green Arrow. Diggle accepts his apology saying “it’s only cloth”. Oliver further explains that it started as a temporary thing until Diggle was better. But once he put the hood back on, he felt whole again. He found that it was a part of him.

Felcity is able to locate where one of Diaz’s distributing men named Katz is, and Oliver and Diggle suit up. Diggle seems to be okay seems to be okay with everything until they get to Katz. Spartan becomes violent with Katz as they are trying to interrogate him. Green Arrow repeatedly tells Spartan to stand down, but he refuses. The next thing they know the girlfriend of Katz shoots and kills him



To get away from Oliver for a bit, John visits Lyla again at ARGUS. He tells her what happened. She tells him that maybe the reason for everything that is happening between him and Oliver is because he may be thinking things wouldn’t be what they at if he was still the Green Arrow.

When he gets back to the bunker, John asks to speak to Oliver alone (what the video….)

But here is the sad part of the episode. After finding the warehouse where Vertigo was being made and blowing up the drugs, this happens back at the bunker:

What is going on??!! When will we see everyone back together again? Will we see everyone back together again?? Can’t we all just get along??!!

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