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After a talk with Oliver, Thea and Roy may get their happy ending after all. He advises her to go after what she wants. He found Felicity and she shouldn’t wait as long as he did to be happy with Roy. But, of course, someone gets in the way just before they ride into the sunset.


When we left episode 15, someone from what looks like part of the League of Assassins says the found Malcolm’s heir. A new order was built before Malcolm gave his life to save Thea on the island. And Nyssa had disbanded herself with the League of Shadows. But Nyssa found out about the order, crashed a meeting, and set a bomb off at their headquarters. But it didn’t seem to stop them.

When Thea and Roy try to leave town together, they are intercepted by the new order. Nyssa is able to fight them off. Thea is confused because she thought the League of Assassins was no more. “Nothing stays dead forever. Your father made sure of that.” said Nyssa before taking them to Oliver at the bunker. The new order is called the Thanatos Guild. Nyssa had found the Guild is looking for a map Malcolm was in possession of. The Guild thinks Thea has it or know its whereabouts. Malcolm was of many secrets and it was to no surprise he kept this from Thea. Nyssa knows of a woman in Star City who may know where it is. Thea agrees to go with her.

They find the woman name Tigressa in a bar. She immediately knows that Thea is Malcolm’s daughter. They are informed by Tigressa that Thea is the only person who can find where they map goes to. Tigressa writes on a napkin where to find the map. The address is an old abandon warehouse. Green Arrow, Speedy, Nyssa, Spartan, and Roy band together to find the map. Nyssa finds a clue of how to find it and a secret compartment on the floor. They open it to find a puzzle box. And a dead Tigressa. Athena, the head of the Guild, has the team surrounded. The Green Arrow throws an exploding arrow for distraction to allow Thea and Roy to escape. Athena gets by the team and intercepts Thea and Roy. Thea tells Athena to “eat floor” as she throws a weapon that throws multiple arrows at once, with one hitting Athena in the stomach allowing her to get away with Roy’s help.

When everyone gets back to the bunker, Nyssa expresses she wants to open the box on her own. Thea convinces her for them to help her. She agrees and asks Felicity to help open the box. She cracks the code of the box in no time and has Thea open it. Inside is a map, but what looks to be nothing on it.

Roy, in the meantime, doesn’t fully understand why Thea is sticking around to help Nyssa. Thea explains that she feels she owes it to Malcolm because he saved her. Then Oliver tries to convince Thea that everything is being handled and she should have her happy ending with Roy. Thea tells Oliver that she feels it’s a part of her like being the Green Arrow is a part of him. He explains that it didn’t start out like that. Diggle got hurt, so he stepped back in. And now William accepted him as being the Green Arrow. He then finally admits to Thea, he can’t give up being the Green Arrow. Thea tells him she hopes to find the same calling and that is the reason why she can’t give up what she feels since running into Nyssa and the Thanatos Guild.

Diggle finds Oliver to say he found the order and the team suits up again along with Nyssa and Roy. While everyone else is fighting. Roy is told by Overwatch there is an explosive in the building. He goes to find it and disables it. Athena and Thea go head-to-head. Thea is injured by Athena and before Athena can do anymore harm, Thea takes out the may and threatens to burn it. As Athena reaches for it, Thea strikes a fatal blow with a knife.

As Thea bleeds with the map in her hands, the map starts to appear. Thea’s blood was the key for the map to appear. At the bunker, the team finds the map shows the locations of 3 Lazarus Pits. Thea then decides to go with Nyssa. And Roy decides to go with her (he goes wherever she goes). Before Thea leaves, she tells Oliver not to keep stringing Diggle in being the Green Arrow.

As far as Diaz:

Curtis and Dinah are hard at work finding which cops are the SCPD are working for Diaz. Dinah is called into a homicide case late at night. The Captain shows up and tells Dinah she will take it from there and asking for the evidence Dinah was holding. As Dinah leaves, she messages Curtis telling him to look into the captain. Then Dinah and Curtis break into the evidence locker at the precinct to find the evidence bag the captain took from her. They find it and take it back to their headquarters to analyze it. It turns out to be Vertigo, a drug Diaz doesn’t use for business. They soon find out though the evidence has been tampered with and there seem to be no Vertigo cases in the books and evidence is being taken out with the approval of the Captain. Not only is the Captain involved, but Diaz is pushing Vertigo.


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