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Posted: March 15, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

The teams go head-to-head in last week’s episode, ironically called Collision Course. Will the teams finally call it truths and join back together?


The episode starts off right where the previous episode left off. But the Captain of Starling City Police tells Mayor Queen Cayden James was killed in a prison fight. Oliver is unaware she is working for Diaz (yet). The $70 million ransom money is still missing and the city is about to go into shutdown if the Mayor is not able to deliver. Oliver makes a promise to city officials and press that he will have the money back into the city’s hands in 48 hours. After he makes that promise, he is made aware all the money has been withdrawn without a trace. Oliver, though, has an idea of how to look and asks Felicity for help in looking into the surveillance footage at the bank. She tells Oliver to give her an hour and she sends the footage to the police who show Mayor Queen who the culprit is. It turns out to be Laurel in disguise.

Dinah still wants revenge for Vincent’s death and continues her search to find Laurel. The rest of her team is also on the lookout for Black Siren as well as Diaz and Anatoly. But they are having no luck as well as Oliver and Diggle. They don’t want to ask for Oliver’s help and feel they wouldn’t get information anyway. So Renee decides to put things into their own hands.

After Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity hack into their bunker, they threaten Dinah, Curtis, and Renee to give up Black Siren (they think they are hiding her). Renee feels Oliver is up for a fight and threatens him to hit him. When Oliver turns his back on Renee, he pushes him. But unknown to Oliver, he planted a hearing device on his jacket so they can hear everything they are saying and know where they are going.

After convincing Quentin to come clean with Oliver, Thea gives Oliver a call with him and Laurel on speaker (remember he’s bugged). Oliver finds out Quentin has taken Laurel to a cabin in the woods to recover from her gunshot wound. In the pursuit of getting the money back and protecting her from Dinah, they go after her. But not without the other teaming tailing them (Oliver was given the address of the cabin by text). They don’t get far when Diggle notices them and gives them the slip. The bug is then found and thrown out the window.

But Curtis has one more way of finding them. Through Diggle’s arm implant. Putting Diggle in pain and disengaging his chip, the team finds them just as they were leaving the cabin. Green Arrow tells Quentin and Laurel to run into the woods while he and Diggle try and keep them busy. With Laurel being injured they are unable to get away fast enough before Dinah intercepts them and knocks Quentin out leaving Laurel defenseless. As Dinah is about the strangle Laurel, Curtis stops her asking her if taking her life is would avenge Vincent. She lets go, but Laurel uses her scream to get away (again). And with Laurel so is the $70 million of Star City’s money.