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Posted: March 1, 2018 by Erin Marie Durcan

Arrow is back after a short hiatus. Here’s a recap of the last two episodes, All For Nothing and The Devil’s Greatest Trick.


To find out what Cayden James is up to, the Arrow team finds Vigilante (Vincent) to give up Cayden’s whereabouts. But before force is made towards Vincent, Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and Canary stop them. They try to convince Oliver that he’s a double agent and wants to take down Cayden as much as they do. Oliver has no reason to trust him and threatens him.

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Oliver: Dinah, Curtis, and Renee trust you. I’m not there yet.
Vincent: I want you to try to imagine how little I give a damn.
Oliver: You’ve taken a shot at me. Matter of fact, you’ve taken a shot at nearly everybody in that room. So I will be convinced that you are not playing us the way you claim to be playing Cayden James.
Vincent: I don’t have to convince you. Because you’re not stopping me from doing this.
Oliver: Are you sure?
Vincent: I am because you know saving this city means doing whatever’s necessary, and you know that means using me.

Felicity gives Vincent a sniffer device to install into the main server. Vincent is able to get into the server room, but little does he know Cayden is in there. Vincent seems to shake Cayden off with the help of some computer jargon from Felicity through the comms. Cayden lets him leave the room, but he doesn’t get far. As soon as Vincent is outside and transmits the sniffer’s upload he is cornered and captured by Cayden.
Dinah, Curtis, and Renee decide to go after him when he doesn’t respond to his communicator. Knowing a rescue would be involved, Cayden decides to set up a trap and set off a bomb in the warehouse where they are. A piece of rubble pins Canary down as Black Siren kills Vincent with her cry.
With only four hours left to find the bomb, Felicity and Alena are still working on who produced the forged video that frames Oliver for the killing of Cayden’s son. When the encryption is broken, they find he was killed by a hired assassin. Oliver thinks it’s Anatoly who did both the photo and the video.
But before going after Anatoly, they have to stop Cayden from leaving town and setting off the bomb. The Green Arrow and Spartan find Cayden and show him the real footage of his son’s death. After watching the video and seeing the encryption was faultered, he tells them to save the city they need to gather Anatoly, Diaz, and Siren and bring them to the bomb’s location.
With the death of Vincent on her mind, Dinah goes after Black Siren for her revenge. She is close to killing her when Quentin intercepts them with his gun drawn. After knocking him out with her cry, Green Arrow and Spartan stop her and tell her they need to bring her to Cayden to stop the bomb. With frustration she gives up Siren.
Everyone arrives at the location of where Cayden has the bomb. Cayden then confronts his former associates to find who was the one to kill his son. Green Arrow points to Anatoly who says again he did not. Laurel then steps up to say she did it. Cayden doesn’t believe her because he saw her hesitate in killing Vincent.
Chaos then ensues as Siren’s dampening collar gets affected by Cayden’s detonator. Freeing Siren and allowing her to use her cry knocking Cayden out and everyone else dodges and gets away. The team goes after them, but they all get away except Cayden.

Preview of March 1st episode: