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This week two teams are fighting for the same cause in Star City. And Diggle is back in action!


The episode starts out with Star City in trouble as Cayden James has control over everything involved with the internet. Causing electrical failures all around the city and sending electrical shocks through elevator walls. This bringing causalities and panic to everyone in the city.

Felicity contacts Curtis, Renee, and Dinah to share information to bring Cayden down. After contacting each other, one of Curtis’s devices goes off. Remembering that Vincent has a tracking device through his visor, they decide to go find him keeping in mind that it could be a trap. At the building where the tracker has led them, Vincent corners Mr. Terrific. Vincent tells him he’s not who he thinks he is and is working as a double agent to take Cayden down. To convince him more, Vincent tells him of Cayden’s next attack which is in the subway involving two trains. But Mr. Terrific still doesn’t trust and thinks he’s leading him and his team into a trap. Vincent assures him that if it was a trap they’d be dead already.

Cayden makes a visit to Mayor Queen. Telling him he’s taking his revenge on the city because the Green Arrow killed his son. And if he doesn’t get the money he’s asking for, not only will the city suffer but so will William.

Mayor Queen: I didn’t kill your son.

Cayden James: Yes you did. One year ago this very day. Right here in Star City. You missed your intended target. But your arrow found its way into my boy.

Meanwhile in the bunker, Felicity is trying to hack into Cayden’s system to try and stop the virus. After finding she can’t do it and contacting Alena to find out why, she is met with the realization of what happened the night Cayden was in the internet vault (episode 4). She blames herself for helping Cayden plant the virus.

After Curtis verifies the information Vincent gave him about the subway with Felicity, she sees a pattern in that all roads around the perimeter of the city have been blocked except for one. And it’s the same one William is currently on with his classmates who are on their way to a field trip outside the city.

Like father, like son as soon as the attack begins William takes charge in getting his classmates off the bus. Including the bully who was teasing him just before the attack. But as he’s getting the bully to safety, a sign falls and traps him against the tunnel wall. Arrow and Spartan arrive and lead everyone to safety and the Green Arrow finds the bully trying to help William. He tells him to take shelter and gets William out. After diving into a garage to avoid an explosion and finding they are both okay does William find out that Oliver has been lying about being the Green Arrow.

Team 2 of the Arrow team goes to the subway tunnel to stop the next attack. Shortly after they arrive and find their Plan A isn’t going to work, the trains are starting to arrive. As Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog are trying to pull all the plugs they can, Canary sees the only way to stop one of the trains from colliding with the other is by her cry.

To stop Cayden from killing further and to get him out, Oliver gets a press conference together informing people of who the terrorist is, to keep off of anything connected with the internet, and that “Star City does not negotiate with terrorists.”

Both teams join together to fight again the next attack at one of the safe zones. With body cameras, William watches with Felicity what his dad does best, being a superhero. William then realizes his dad is “pretty badass” and the city needs him.


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