Posted: December 18, 2017 by Erin Marie Durcan

The CW Network seemed to not disappoint fans this year with their annual mashup of superheroes and legends. The 4-hour movie-ish crossover brought an all-star cast of superheroes together. Some heroes for the first time working alongside Supergirl, The Flash, and the Green Arrow.


Before I get to my summary of this year’s crossover extravaganza, here are also some moments I thought made the crossover even better:
The Surprises:
1. Oliver and Kara from Planet X being married. Thought it was a different but interesting take on their relationship.
2. Bringing Tommy back (only to loose him again =( ). It was nice to see Colin Donnell back on Arrow.
3. The finale to the crossover: the 2 weddings!

Funny Moments:
1. Arrow saying to Supergirl and The Flash: “Quick reminder: Superspeed…I don’t have it!”
2. Barry’s face when Oliver steps out of the fitting room with his tuxedo.  It was priceless. And I’m curious to know if that was a natural reaction from Gustin.
3. Supergirl: “Why do you have a kryptonite arrow??” Arrow: “In case and evil you ever showed up!”
4. Diggle coming out of Superspeed after Barry gets him in Star City to officiate his second wedding.


The crossover starts a few weeks before Iris and Barry’s wedding. Invitations have gone out and no one has RSVP’d. As the wedding approaches and everyone in the bridal and groom party are getting ready, wedding bells are starting to ring for a couple more characters. And one of them is Oliver.

During the rehearsal dinner at Jitters, Oliver has the courage to (quietly to not take the moment away from Iris and Barry) proposes to Felicity. A confused Felicity is taken aback in thinking everything was enough as they were and as they discuss it some more, Felicity shouts that she doesn’t want to marry Oliver. Feeling embarrassed she made a scene, which Oliver was trying to avoid, walks out of the café without another word.

Also at the rehearsal dinner, Alex is met by Sara. After Kara and Alex talk about how it might distract them from their recent breakups, they decide to go to the wedding. But after arriving Alex no longer thinks it was such a good idea as she hoped it would be. She is found at the open bar doing shots when Sara comes to talk to her. Next they are making out and having a one-nightstand. Shocked by herself and what she has done, Alex sneaks out of bed the next morning and arrives at the wedding with sunglasses and trying to survive a hangover. But before she goes inside, she is greeted by Kara and then by Sara each asking if she is okay (Sara mentions she heard her fall out of the bed as she was trying to sneak out). Embarrassed she was caught and Kara hears the conversation, she says she’s okay and goes into the church.

Everyone is seated and the wedding begins. As Iris walks down the aisle, Kara is singing their song. But as the priest is about to start their vows, they are attacked by intruders from The Reich who is headed by a man and a woman with similar abilities as the Green Arrow and Supergirl. Although due to them being masked, they are unaware of who they actually are.

The masked man and woman turn out to be their doppelgangers from Planet X. They are the head of the Nazi’s and have come for Supergirl’s heart. Kara from Planet X is dying and needs Supergirl’s heart to survive. With the help of her husband Oliver, they plan to get it with the help of Eobard Thawne. To make Supergirl vulnerable they steal a prism that emulates the red sun. The same sun that killed Krypton.

During a fight the team (Green Arrow, Alex, White Canary, The Flash, and Firestorm) get captured and are sent to a prison on Planet X. None of them can use their powers to help them escape. At the prison they meet Ray Terill (The Ray) and a good Leonard Snark who helps them escape and takes them to their base that is run by Winn.

After they arrive they find out Winn plans to blow up the hanger where there is a portal which allows The Reich to go to and from their Earth. They realize it is their only way of getting home and stopping The Reich, but Winn wants them off their planet so they can end the tyranny happening on their planet. Winn only gives the team a set time limit before his attack for them to get through the portal.

The only way for the team to get into the hanger is by Oliver dressing as his doppelganger and sneaking the team in. He gets into the hanger where he is met with Planet X’s Quentin Lance who is not fooled by the fake Oliver. Soon the team is being fired upon. During the shooting Dr. Martin finds the switch that will open the portal and runs to turn it on. But on his way he is fatally shot and to be able save him Jackson combines their power together to make them Firestorm. Once they are back on the ship Caitlin finds that Dr. Martin cannot be saved and that Jackson could die as well. But Dr. Martin knows he is dying and doesn’t want Jackson to die as well. To separate themselves with each other, Dr. Martin drinks a serum in which Cisco made. Shortly after he drinks it, he dies and Jackson survives but longer has powers.

Meanwhile back on Earth 1 Oliver and Kara from Planet X, along with Thawne, have taken over STAR Labs. They set up for surgery, using the prism to make Supergirl vulnerable. And just as Eobard is about to cut into Supergirl, Ray Palmer as The Atom saves Supergirl by stopping the knife with his miniature self.

Then the real fun begins as everyone from each of the show (all those pictured above) unite and fight against The Reich.  Oliver vs. Oliver (our Oliver wins).  Supergirl vs. Supergirl (Planet X Supergirl blows up). The Flash vs. Eobard Thawne (The Flash lets Thawne go).

The crossover ends with not just one wedding, but 2! Just as Barry and Iris are about to exchange vows with Diggle being the ordained minister, Felicity interrupts with asking Oliver for his hand. And they are married as well.






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