Posted: December 18, 2017 by Erin Marie Durcan

The mid-season finale has arrived and brought a lot of surprises and questions that will just have to wait until January 18th to be answered. But for now a lot of fans are going “What’s next?”


The episode starts out at Felicity and Oliver’s wedding reception back in Star City. Everything goes well until Oliver is told by Quentin someone has come forward with proof to testify that Oliver is the Green Arrow. After Evelyn’s betrayal to the team, hearing the news he starts to not trust the rest of the team. To try to determine who the culprit is, Oliver starts following each of their whereabouts.

Cayden James wants an accelerator from ARGUS. To obtain it he sends Black Canary to kidnap Quentin and use him as leverage to get what he wants from Oliver. The whole team, except for Dinah, sneaks into ARGUS with Diggle using Lyla’s computer in her office to get the accelerator. When they arrive at the warehouse where Cayden is holding Quentin, Oliver tells Curtis and Renee to stand down as the exchange is happening. But when they find that Quentin is somewhere else in the warehouse with Black Siren, Renee goes after her alone. Dodging Renee, Black Siren and Quentin make it outside of the warehouse where she unexpectedly lets him go.

When the team is back in the bunker, Dinah finally arrives after meeting secretly with her old partner Vincent whom she tells to never contact her again. Due to her absence and the video Oliver has of her with Vincent, he suspects she is the one to betray him. But Renee speaks up to say it’s him. He made a bargain with the FBI in exchange for full custody of his daughter. Oliver then tells him he’s off the team. And with Dinah and Curtis feeling they cannot be trusted anymore quit themselves.

What happens next for the team will have to wait until the Holiday hiatus is over. My opinions: I think it will take a while for Oliver to start trusting people again to join his team. Remember, it was a struggle for him to let Diggle and Roy join the team (which they have recently made the announcement that Colton Haynes is returning to Arrow). And with everything that happened with Evelyn’s betrayal, it was a reminder of how much is at stake. Especially now that he has a son and a wife to protect.

I think Oliver will eventually realize what Renee did in trying to get his daughter. But as well Renee should have come to Oliver when the FBI approached him with the deal.  I believe he would have helped him if he had just talked with Oliver about the situation. But now Oliver feels that Renee doesn’t trust him so why should he reciprocate the feeling.

Arrow is back January 18th!!


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