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Posted: November 30, 2017 by Erin Marie Durcan

This is a mashup of the last 3 weeks of Arrow. There were a couple of episodes I thought came well together and thought they would be good in just one article instead of separate ones. If you haven’t seen them, stop here and watch them!



Episode 5 and 6 were the return of Deathstroke. With the help of Oliver (using his power as mayor), they go to a prison in Kasnia. When they arrive at the prison they are told that Joe was killed in a prison fight. Slade doesn’t believe him and demands to see the body of his son. When the warden says there is no body, Slade gets angry and threatens him. Out of terror the warden comes clean and tells Slade and Oliver that a group called the Jackals kidnapped him.
After drugging Oliver, he goes into the hideout alone killing everyone he runs into. When he runs into, what he thought was his friend, Nylander, is found to be working with the Jackals and Joe (who changed his name to Kane Wolfman) who is the head of the group.
Slade is heartbroken to find that his son has followed in his footsteps. He had tried to keep who he really was from Joe but he finds out that he knew for many years. Although shocked with the news, he convinces Kane to let him join his group. Keeping the promise made to him that he would always be there.
When the drug wears off, Oliver goes to the hideout to find Slade. He follows the trail of bodies and finds Slade, overhearing the conversation to join. He wonders what he’s up to and finds him alone. Slade says it is a cover and tells him about a shipment of explosives the group is going to intercept.
When the Jackals leave for the shipment, Oliver does some investigating and finds plans for a remote detonator to poison half of the nation’s water supply. But before he could find any more information on it, he gets caught.
Kane doesn’t know that Oliver is with Slade. Oliver is presented to Slade and Kane tells him to finally have his revenge on him. Slade puts up a show to where it looks too convincing to Oliver. Oliver mentions William and Kane says he will make him suffer as well. Slade frees Oliver, knocking out Kane in the process. When they are trying to find the remote detonator, Kane and Slade fight it out. But Kane gets away with the determination with their next meeting he would kill Slade.
Slade, determined to get his son Joe back, tells Oliver to go back to his own son. He would continue to keep looking for his.

Team Arrow
When Diggle starts to run out of the drug to stop the tremors, he meets with the supplier Ricardo Diaz. But it isn’t until later he finds the same man broke into a tech building to steal what looked to be a 3D printer of sorts. Diggle then sees his dilemma and finally confides in Lyla telling her about the tremors and if A.R.G.U.S. can help him. She tells him they don’t have anything that could help. When they go after Diaz, he is tempted to take the drugs as Diaz sets them on fire. With knowing how close he was to being someone whom he did not want to be representing the hood, he decides to tell the team (minus Oliver and Felicity). Apologizing to Renee for almost getting him killed. And to Dinah with the promise to each other in not holding secrets from each other.
Curtis has an idea that may help with the tremors. He has a prototype injection that could stop the tremors indefinitely. It seems to work at first until he couldn’t move when out on the field. After getting checked by a doctor, they find he has permanent damage and has spread to his back. Oliver finds out about the tremors this way and apologizes to him saying he was selfish and didn’t think about Diggle’s family. Diggle then expresses that all he ever wanted in the world was to be the Green Arrow. And he doesn’t want to give it up.
Her past is coming back. She finds her former partner, Vincent Sobel, is still alive. She thought he died the night the particle accelerator exploded. (She saw him get shot in the head.) Vincent turns out to be the one targeting an official who wants to pass an anti-vigilante law. When Black Canary corners him, she asks Vincent why he is doing what he is doing. But before an explanation is really made a cop shoots at Canary. Vincent then steps in the way of the bullet saving Dinah. She then learns he survived the night of the explosions because he has the ability to heal. In realizing the man she knew was still there, she let him go. Without telling the real reason to the team.

Oliver is arrested while handing out Thanksgiving meals in front of the new SCPD precinct and in front of William. He refuses the team’s help and spends a night in jail. Oliver stands in front of a judge and is given a court date for a trial as the prosecutor is the District Attorney who the FBI hired to handle the case . On a half-a-million dollar bond, money given by Felicity that would have been used to start the business her and Curtis would have started with, suits up as the Green Arrow after Diggle cannot continue in going after Cayden James and Black Siren.
The team tracks down Cayden and Siren at a Billy Joel concert at the stadium. With no luck in canceling the concert, they go in to stop them. As they try to evacuate the people, they find the doors are locked and the cops work for Cayden. The team fights the wannabe cops while bystanders video them not knowing they are fake cops. Oliver finds Cayden and the bomb, but it’s a fake bomb. Cayden is after revenge towards the Arrow for what he did to him. He cost him his son. Back at the bunker, the team realizes they were there for the bystanders to video them attacking the “police” and post on social media to pass the anti-vigilante law.
The last three weeks have had a theme of promises. But how long can they be kept? How long can Oliver stay away from being Green Arrow? Will Dinah tell Diggle what happened with Vincent and no longer keep secrets from him? Will Slade keep his promises to Joe and Shado? Can Oliver keep William safe from Kane and Cayden?