Posted: November 9, 2017 by Erin Marie Durcan


These last two weeks on Arrow have been quite the episodes. We are seeing new sides of Diggle and Oliver as they switched roles as one being promoted and the other being demoted. But as we saw in this week’s episode, Oliver can’t completely stay away from being part of the team.


In Next of Kin, Diggle suits up as the Green Arrow and the leader of the team. He makes an entrance a little differently by jumping off a roof and with the help of Canary’s cry hang-glides to the top of a parking garage. The landing needed some work (he landed on a car), but it was his first night. Another thing that was different was the bow. There was no bow. No arrows were shot by the Green Arrow and with Agent Watson watching she questions Oliver about who he is covering for.

Diggle is also having trouble making the tough decisions. When the team has to make the decision of going after a truck full of nerve gas or a truck going towards a house, Diggle freezes on which one they should go after. When the rest of the team makes the decision to go after the truck heading towards the house, it was too late.
Oliver makes a visit to see Diggle after Renee comes to see him to ask him to come back. Concerned about the team and Diggle, Oliver asks Diggle what happened. Diggle explains that he’s never had to make a decision on his own. He’s always had someone to back him up. “You made it look so easy,” Diggle says to Oliver. He is flattered and explains that the decisions were never easy and he has to do what he thinks is best in the situation. “You could be the hero I could never be,” Oliver says to Diggle.

Oliver may have his secrets of how he deals with his demons and how to fight through situations. But so does Diggle. He still hasn’t told Oliver about what really happened on Lian Yu and about his nerve damage. And the team has noticed that the tremors in his arm have stopped. Diggle has found an illegal drug to inject into his arm to stabilize his illness. (What kind of drug? Unknown.)

Olicity is back into full swing! After 5 months of boundaries because of William, Oliver gives Felicity the key to his apartment. The decision is made after Felicity helps William with an upcoming math test in which Oliver cannot help him with. And with the next episode, the relationship continues to steam.

In Reversal, Felicity and Oliver go on their first date. Instead of being bombed on like their other first date in season 3(!), Felicity cuts the date short by leaving in the middle because the team needs her help. “This is how it felt to be you isn’t it?” Oliver says to Felicity before she leaves with a “Yep” and kisses. When she arrives home from helping the team she calls Oliver and invites him over. After hanging up with him she finds Alena, from Helix, has broken into her place to ask for her help in finding Cayden James (the man they broke out of Argus). Alena explains that she made a mistake in breaking him out because she has found he wants to shut down the internet and to have full control of it. Felicity agrees to help and as she opens the door to leave Oliver has arrived. “What are you doing here?” “You asked me to come over.” She explains to him what is going on and Oliver insists she tells the team. Without the team, Felicity and Alena go into a gothic type bar looking for a man named Amnesiac to get a part they could use to stop Cayden. After they are forced into a room and confront Amnesiac, a man interrupts causing a fight with Amnesiac and his men with Felicity and Alena in the middle. When the fighting is done, Felicity grabs a gun on the floor and points it to the intruder. “It’s me!” as Oliver pulls a mask off covering his face.

Without the part they need, Alena and Felicity go to where Helix used to be. While they are working Black Siren breaks in with her new boss Cayden James, the person who saved her on Lian Yu. (Black Siren has been working with Cayden in getting three pairs of fingerprints to gain access to the Vault.) The team sees they are in trouble from the surveillance cameras and get there just in time. But as they are fighting Alena gets hit with a bullet to the leg.

With the guilt of helping Cayden’s release, Felicity blames herself for putting everyone in danger. She breaksdown in front of Oliver and asks him how he dealt with it along with everything else that was happening in his life. He tells her own advice she told him. “You would tell me not to live in my past. You would tell me to make it right in the present. You would tell me to trust myself.”

Cayden and Black Siren have gained access to the Vault and Felicity joins in to help stop them. When Cayden blocks her from gaining further access, she then has to get into the system through the main room to stop the virus Cayden has planted. With heavy fire happening around the team, they worry that it’s not safe. The team then hears Oliver on the communications giving directions like Overwatch. The team is able to stop Cayden’s virus, but he has revealed to Black Siren that it was only a diversion to get what he was really after.

After the victory, Oliver and Felicity are finishing what should have started before Alena made her visit. And as things are starting to heat up a cell phone rings. This time it’s Oliver’s. “I’ll be there,” he says into the phone. Slade Wilson has asked Oliver for his help with his son.