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Posted: November 8, 2017 by Adam Carr

Olicity Westallen Wedding

If you are not a fan of the romantic side of the DC TV shows, then step away now, it’s time to get sloppy!

For many years now, DC TV fans across the world have been shipping an Olicity wedding.  A WestAllen wedding has always been inevitable.  Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity and Flash’s Barry and Iris are set to have a double wedding in this seasons crossover, and boy are the  fans excited to see it.   Earlier in the year, we at DCWorld ran a poll on what you would most like to see in Arrow, with the Olicity wedding ranking a massive 95% of you wanting to see it!

Fans have been going crazy for the Olicity wedding online on Twitter, for example @OlicityShipper3 said:


Don’t know how I’m going to get through the #Olicity wedding without having a heart attack.. if I’ve watched episode 6.04 on repeat this last week I can only imagine how obsessed I’m going to become with the wedding episode #Olicity #Arrow

— Olicity Shipper (@OlicityShipper3) November 8, 2017

Other fans are using the Olicity wedding to do something positive for the world Twitter user @thisiselley tweeted:

Fandom ! Let’s the Olicity Wedding Celebration begin ! Help me raise money to End Child Marriage as an Olicity Wedding Gift ! https://t.co/RBDflaMPm2 pic.twitter.com/xjWHgAmpl8

— Elley (@thisiselley) November 7, 2017

Meanwhile, WestAllen fans are also going crazy for news of the confirmed double wedding:

Me knowing that Barry and Iris’s wedding is three episodes away.#WestAllen #TheFlash pic.twitter.com/ecbpZ3U2en

— Belicia 💖 WestAllen (@BeliciaSutton) November 8, 2017

We are yet to see the wedding, but being a DC show, you can bet that somebody will try to stand in the way of the happy couples getting married.  Stay tuned with the CW and Sky One respectively for the upcoming wedding, it’s going to be awesome!