Posted: July 10, 2017 by Adam Carr

Arrow - credit the CW

For many a moon now, Arrow (The TV Show) has been a contentious issue amongst DC Fans. Many of the fans of the TV show love everything about, even the things that don’t follow the narrative of the comics, such as Felicity and Arrow. Others very much don’t see the point in Felicity and would much rather see the story based on the comics with Dina Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen.

Many of us didn’t enjoy the magical side to Season 4, and most of us preferred this season’s villain, Adrian Chase, over the previous, Damien Darhk.

Here at DC World, we want to find out what you feel about Arrow. Which villain was your favourite?, which member of Team Arrow is/was the best? What scenarios would you rather see happen in the future? You can tell us in our first official DC World poll.

We are gathering the opinions of the world of the DC, with our upcoming Hall of Fame being a big part of that.

However, we thought we would start off early, by finding out your opinions on arguably the biggest argument subject amongst DC TV fans right now. Arrow! We can’t wait to see your thoughts!